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What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi – is a modern wireless technology which allows computers to connect to a network or to the Internet.

The abbreviation Wi-Fi comes from “Wireless Fidelity”. This name was given to the technology of wireless data transmission by analogy with a well-known term Hi-Fi (High Fidelity). Unlike familiar cable-based networks, high-frequency waves are used for data transmission in wireless local networks WLAN (abbreviation for Wireless Local Area Network). The family of standards IEEE 802.11, which is associated with Wi-Fi, includes several variants - 802.11а, 802.11b and 802.11g, each of them has different data transmission speed.

The History of Wi-Fi

The history of Wi-Fi dates back to the late of 90s. In 1999 the standard development of 802.11b was completed, and in 2000 the first new devices for wireless communications appeared. Wi-Fi was designed as an alternative to the corporate cable networks – simple and economical technology, because it needn’t cable laying, and it no less effective. But Wi-Fi capabilities are much broader than simple networking of corporate users. That is why with the appearance of devices supporting this technology, ‘hot-spots’ appeared in public places – airports, hotels, cafes and restaurants, providing new opportunities for users: access to the Internet without being attached to a fixed workplace.

With the help of Wi-Fi technology you can use the Internet in the same way, as if you connect via a leased line. The only difference – now you are not attached to a fixed workplace and you can move freely without interrupting of Internet activities.

Wi-Fi allows you:

  • visit any web-site;
  • use e-mail;
  • use ICQ or any other instant messaging.

Note. Legal entities, who rented Wi-Fi access point, are responsible for the implementation of the Presidential Decree №60 of February 1, 2010 “On Measures to Improve the Use of the National Segment of the Internet.”

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